Deep relaxation

in the heat of our saunas

During the days you enjoy the Tyrolean mountains, in the evening you take your time to relax - preferably in our sauna village.

The interplay of high and low temperatures is so beneficial for our skin and our whole body! In our sauna village, you can experience this interplay in our Finnish sauna, the bio sauna, the aroma steam bath or the herbal bath. In there your body can sweat out everything it needs to get rid of.

And after a cool shower in surroundings like a tropical rainforest, a rocky landscape our the Tyrolean mountains you will feel totally refreshed.

You like it cold as ice? So take some crushed ice from our ice fountain and make your skin tingle. Scrub your heated body with the ice and enjoy the invigorating effects and the stimulation of your circulation system - and you will feel absolutely ready for you next day full of activities in the mountains.

Finnish sauna and bio sauna

Do you prefer the hot classic or rather take pleasant warmth?

In the Finnish sauna, temperatures of up to 90 °C will make you sweat buckets. Additionally, with its rather low humidity the Finnish sauna is the ideal place to prevent catching a cold. In case the Finnish sauna is too hot for you, we can recommend the bio sauna. Humidity is much higher than in the Finnish sauna while the temperature is lower and reaches up to 60 °C.

Fragrant warmth in the aroma steam bath and the herbal bath

The pleasant steam and the wonderful smells of the aroma steam bath will make you forget all your worries. 45 °C, about 90 % humidity plus the wonderful fragrances await you in there. And of course you should not miss the snug atmosphere in the herbal bath! It is a bit warmer in here than in the steam bath, the temperature reaches up to 60 °C; pleasant smells play an important role here as well, as the scent of hay flowers or spruce needles have soothing effects.

Refreshing theme showers

Cool down in one-of-a-kind setting.

The ambience in our theme showers is really special: Within a second you feel like standing in the rainforest, in the middle of a thunder storm or you take a shower in between some rocks. Additionally, here you can take a shower with extra elements such as lovely fragrances or a pleasant massage. In case this is not cool enough for you, we suggest our ice fountain with its crushed ice. No matter how red-hot you are, it will definitely cool you down.

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